Email Appending

According to the DMA …

  • Over 70% of consumers who have an existing realtionship with a business prefer email communications over postal
  • Email costs are 1/11 of the costs of the average direct mail effort

With email appending, we’re able to match and provide an email address for about 15-20% of your customers. These customers receive a "permission pass email" to provide them a chance to opt-out of communications from you. These opt-outs are provided to you to update your records.

Then, if you combine Email Append with a solid "Organic Email Strategy", you can really maximize your email coverage and lower your customer communications costs.

Email appending offers a safe, cost-effective way to jumpstart your consumer email coverage. It also provides an almost immediate ROI. Once you append, you have unlimited use of the data for emailing … allowing you to connect with your customers more frequently and at a lower cost.