Email Marketing Automation

Start a relevant, personalized conversation based on ANY customer action from ANY
touch point. Here are a few “trigger point” examples:

  • Welcome Series
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Order Confirmation
  • Birthday Messages
  • Time to Reorder
  • Shipment Notifications

Email Marketing Automation increases your email’s relevancy, open rates and sales. With ICS Email Marketing services, you can set up automatic, personalized emails based on events, actions or inactions taken by your customer or prospect. Given the extreme relevancy of the message, open and click-through rates are dramatically increased, often outperforming traditional batch email transmissions by 500 to 1,000%.

Event and behavior triggered messaging increases conversions and establishes a one-to-one conversation with any customer or prospect. ICS’s innovative tools feature a cost-effective setup that works automatically, each time a trigger is activated. A new conversation can be triggered from almost any touch point including email activity, reorder points or profile updates. Triggered communications that encourage interactive communication, subscriptions and customer service often yield the best results.

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