2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Launch Events

ICS Product/Service Area: Advanced Audience Acquisition Planning Model

The Challenge
  • Increase awareness and positive consideration of the all-new Genesis Coupe
  • Generate:
    • Genesis Coupe test drives
    • Positive word of mouth via enthusiasts
    • Handraisers – prospects and leads
  • Drive retail traffic at the dealerships
  • Leverage positive perceptions of Coupe increasing entire Hyundai brand consideration
  • Leverage the Genesis experience to elevate the entire Hyundai brand
The Solution
  • Leverage ICS in-depth understanding of the direct response disciplines that drive integrated direct, email marketing and digital lead generation, including a solid understanding of how to leverage an OEM's data assets most effectively
  • Structured communications cadence and MarketSmartSM Registration platform gave priority to OEM assets across mediums
  • Leveraged ICS AutoNetSM, offering the very best in diversified automotive acquisition solutions across channels from the top sources in the industry
Hyundai Genesis The Results
  • All eight events sold out, even in the current challenging economy
  • Asset performance (by type and medium) performed at anticipated levels
    • Hyundai's brand recognition lifted to upper performance tiers
  • Return On Investment ranking:
    • #1. Digital Lead Generation
    • #2. E-mail
    • #3. Direct Mail
  • Structured communications cadence carefully managed to ensure OEM assets received priority registration
  • Targeted digital lead generation:
    • "Intercept" new car shoppers on a very cost-effective basis
    • Advanced Search Engine Marketing provided a highly targeted medium to target by "buyer type" and within defined geo parameters
    • Performance strength and growing consumer acceptance drive segment growth
    • Far exceeded planning goal of 10% of total registration