Albion College Utilizes ICS for its Annual Tax Receipt Mailing

ICS Product/Service Area: Email Marketing, List Strategy

The Challenge

Albion College needed to mail a tax receipt to its donors detailing gifts made to the college during the fiscal year.  Albion had recorded each gift separately in a database.  Each donor had a unique identification number although a donor might be listed in the database multiple times for multiple different gifts.  Gifts were identified as being made to a certain scholarship, sports team or other college organizations.  Gifts could also be in the form of items (books, DVDs, etc).  In addition, the database also contained entries for in-kind donations made by a donor’s employer.

The Solution

ICS used its data processing and management expertise to create a master print record for each donor based on a unique donor identification number.  Each master print record contained all gifts made by that particular donor, including gifts of items (books, etc) and in-kind donations made by that donor’s employer.

ICS created and printed the tax receipt on Albion letterhead, varying the length and layout of the letter depending on the number of gifts.  Also, additional text was printed on only those receipts that included an in-kind donation by an employer.

The Result

In February 2010 ICS processed, printed and mailed tax receipts for all Albion College donors.  The project was completed on time and in budget and the client was very pleased with the result.