American Physicians Assurance Data Management System


American Physicians Assurance


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The Challenge:

American Physicians Assurance (APA) routinely received many different data files from multiple internal and external sources, but did not have an efficient method to easily manage their data. 

Beyond the difficulties in keeping their data up-to-date (in areas such as policy holder information changes, Do Not Call suppressions, etc.), APA was also challenged with inconsistent search terms among the different data sources.  For example, the 26 data sources had many different references for “general practitioner.” 


APA’s data was so cumbersome, that they even avoided conducting some mailings because of the difficulty in getting the required data extracted. 


The Solution:


ICS applied its MarketSmart Marketing Data Management tool, creating a consistent data management protocol and easy-to-use portal interface.  The ICS team also spent a majority of the project time in data cleansing, setting consistent terminology and developing business rules for the data. 


APA’s new data management system enables them to easily keep their data updated and quickly manipulate their data for strategic communications with policy holders and other key groups.  The user-friendly tool even has drop-down menus for APA’s typical data extracts, including searches by:  state, county, specialty, record type, territory and more.


The tool also provides on-the-fly reporting and can download selections and counts into Excel for quick, easy interaction with their mailing house. 

The Results:


Now, APA has a web-based data management system that enables them to quickly and effortlessly keep their multi-sourced data updated and conduct targeted mailings and communications.  The secure, password protected system is more streamlined and gives APA control over their data.