Automotive Data Hygiene Test Initiative

ICS Product/Service Area:  Data Hygiene
The Objective
Our Automotive client was looking to mail a B2C initiative of approximately 97,000 pieces. ICS tested new Delivery Point Validation data hygiene tools to improve the mailing deliverability.
The Solution
ICS processed their list using Delivery Point Validation (DPV). DPV is a way to enhance deliverability using postal –feet on the street—information.
The Results
96,847 Beginning record count
86,573 Confirmed deliverable records after DPV
10,274 Undeliverable records

Estimated Savings: (By not mailing to 10,274 “bad” addresses)
$1,849.32 Saved in postage costs @ $0.18 each
+$267.13 Saved in Lettershop fees
-$111.37 Less cost of DPV processing
$2,005.08 Saved in postage and lettershop fees

DPV Saved the client over $2,000.00