Automotive OEM Dynamic Messaging Case Study

ICS Product/Service Area: Email Marketing

The Challenge
Provide major automotive manufacturers with a method to increase market share and deliver more targeted messages to their prospects and customers.

The Solution
ICS used its ShareBuilder product platform and Email Marketing expertise to develop a monthly campaign that utilized dynamic messaging and targeted communications aimed at increasing the chance of a sale.
ShareBuilder is a part of the ICS AutoNet technology suite specializing in Automotive Prospecting Solutions.

The Results 
The result: Significantly higher response rates across the board.*
As you can see in the chart below, the use of dynamic messaging was able to drive an average 44% increase in opens and an impressive 71% increase in unique clicks. While there were additional costs involved for adding dynamic content, this was minor when compared to the results boost. ICS’s solution also provided: Dynamic Message Results
  • The opportunity to reach consumers interested in competitors' brands on an ongoing basis
  • Ongoing Triggered Communications for improved ROI and Lift results
  • Multiple dynamic message segments for more relevant, targeted communications
    • Dynamic messages for multiple sales regions
    • Dynamic messages for multiple competitive sets
  • The ability to manage and proof dynamic message content