B2B Wholesale Retail

Industry:  B2B Wholesale, Retail, Other

ICS Product/Service Area:  ICP (Integrated Communications Platform), Data Hygiene, List Services and Email Marketing 

The Challenge
GM Graphics is a leading manufacturer of aluminum and wood screen printing frames and squeegees used by screen printing businesses.  They had multiple, internal databases of customers and prospects from various sources.  However, the data was not up-to-date or in usable condition.  GM Graphics asked ICS to assist with three primary challenges:  “How can we use these disparate sources of data; grow our email lists; and better market to customers and prospects?”

The Solution
ICS started with cleansing GM Graphics’ data that had been acquired through the years.  We started with 2,000 customer records, 2,000 prospect records and around 2,000 additional prospect records resulting from trade shows.  Then, ICS merged all data sources; purged duplicate records; cleansed the data (e.g., National Change of Address/NCOA, Delivery Point Validation/DPV, etc.); and removed any “bad” records.  

Then, ICS engaged its list services experts to identify potential prospects through targeted SIC codes that use screen printing tools.  Consequently, ICS found another 15,000 prospects that were not already on the lists.  (Note:  ICS compared the SIC-based prospect lists against the cleaned version of the client’s list and then selected only the unique records.) 

Now that the data was clean and augmented with even more targeted prospects, ICS’s Web services team setup a landing page to register customers/prospects to do business with GM Graphics online.  The landing page was also equipped to capture data and update the client’s internal database on a monthly basis. 

With the lists and landing page in place, ICS launched an integrated email and postal direct marketing program using its Integrated Communications Platform (ICP).  Where email addresses were available, we sent an email promoting the client’s product brand and an exclusive offer for online registrants.  Emails were designed according to proven response principles and tested using the latest tools (e.g., Return Path) to ensure deliverability and tracking.   For contacts with postal-only data, we mailed a postcard and promoted an exclusive offer to motivate postal-based customers/prospects to register their email addresses for future e-based communications. 

The goal of using ICP was to grow GM Graphics’ email lists organically and continually move toward more cost- and time-efficient email-based communications.   ICP also enables targeted integrated postal and email efforts for increase sales lift.

The Results
ICS ranked an astounding 40-plus% open rate!  The client successfully gained name/brand exposure and grew customer/prospect email lists. 

Furthermore, ICS structured an ongoing, repeatable process for keeping the customer and prospect data up-to-date; applying the data in successful marketing efforts; and continually growing the email lists. 

A second phase of this integrated program is already underway.  ICS will automatically feed any email “bounce-back” records into the postal list with a variable change printing regarding “We tried to email you, but your email bounced-back to us.  Please register your latest email here and receive this exclusive offer…” 

Following phases will be structured for a monthly application starting with the email blast, followed-up by a postal drop one week later (including the variable change printing tailored toward any email bounce-backs). 

ICS will continue to track open rates, plus the number of customers/prospects who convert from print to email communications.