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Chrysler BusinessLink


ICS Product/Service Areas: MarketSmart Marketing Data Warehouse, Analytics, List Strategy, Data Cleansing, Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Project Management, Production Services

The Challenge:


Chrysler’s BusinessLink program had successfully grown sales among commercial customers for many years.  However, with tough competition and a tougher economy, Chrysler needed an even more strategic use of the customer data to further boost commercial sales. 


Specifically, the client needed to market its light-duty trucks (1500-2500) to small business owners who own/lease less than five fleet vehicles.  The innate challenge with this consumer group is that these businesses are quickly affected by economic downturns (e.g., plumbing, landscaping, etc.). 


The Solution:BusinessLink


ICS’s solution for this complex challenge included four primary components.

  • Create a Marketing Data Warehouse – Current owners are the most valuable “prospects” for future sales.  Data management and hygiene is the foundation for nurturing and expanding these relationships.
  • Conduct Advanced Analytics on Existing Customer Data, Model Current Customers to Target New Customers – ICS analyzed Chrysler’s commercial customer data (both BusinessLink enrollees and non-enrollees) to determine the top 25 types of businesses/companies operated by Chrysler’s commercial customers.
    • Based on these business types, ICS selected the freshest possible data from D&B to find businesses that match this commercial customer profile.
    • ICS also strategically selected and appended emails to the dataset for more time- and cost-effective and personalized communications and offers.
    • The dataset was further refined by selecting only those records within a specific radius of each the 459 BusinessLink dealerships.
  • Assign Areas of Responsibility (AORs) for each BusinessLink Dealer – ICS used highly sophisticated analytics to assign geographic AORs for each dealership. It was not simply a matter of drawing radiuses around each dealership… distances between dealerships (and their commercial customers) vary.  Plus, any existing relationships between dealers and commercial customers also had to be respected.  Ultimately, the AOR structure helped each dealer better nurture customer relationships, as well as provided a process for quickly assigning sales leads and timely, personal follow-up within each targeted area.
  • Provide Ongoing Strategic Support and Direct Marketing Program Management – This includes everything from strategy development for seasonal, targeted product marketing to managing the implementation of direct marketing programs.  In addition to traditional mailing programs, ICS also grows Chrysler’s email lists and motivates customers to move from print to e-communications…. resulting in less expensive, more timely and personalized communications.  ICS also manages Chrysler’s email preference sign-up center and tracks email marketing open rates and click through rates.  ICS is also creating an online BusinessLink Dealer Locator.


AOR_mapThe Results:


Chrysler now has a more robust CRM platform on which it can strengthen relationships with existing BuinessLink enrollees, grow enrollee sign-ups, strategically market specific products and grow sales among new and existing commercial customers.


As a result of our work on the BusinessLink program, ICS earned a Tier-One Supplier Status at Chrysler and will continually bring strategic insight to grow our client’s commercial business.