Dodge BusinessLink B2B prospecting

ICS Product/Service Area:  Analytics
The Objective
Chrysler Corporation was looking for ways to improve their prospecting capabilities to the commercial segment of their business. Not all Dodge Dealers were able to sell and service commercial vehicles … forcing them to create a unique Area of Responsibility outside of their normal Dealer Network.
The Solution
ICS was able to tap into Dodge’s rich history of commercial customer data. Utilizing our in-house B2B analytic tools, we were able to create unique business profiles by product line. This allowed Dodge to uniquely target the most productive businesses for a full line campaign or a single product segment (i.e. Full Size Trucks).
ICS mapping technology was utilized to plot all Dealers; segregating BusinessLink from Non-BusinessLink Dealers. Sales Penetration Indexes were developed to accurately determine each BusinessLink Area of Responsibility for prospect assignment. marketing analytics, mapping analysis
The Results
Chrysler has continued to rely heavily on ICS’s ability to support their ongoing Business-to-Business prospecting initiative. With new commercial vehicle launches underway, the BusinessLink Prospecting System will be even more critical in their immediate future.