Hospitality Customer Satisfaction Reporting

ICS Product/Service Area:  MarketSmart

The Challenge
A market research company that specializes in customer satisfaction needed a practical method for generating monthly reports, enabling them to offer better and more services to their customers in the hospitality industry. 

The Objectives

  • Replace manual process with an automated process
  • Free-up the company analysts’ time to design new reports
  • Design a solution that is scalable to new reports
  • Achieve consistency in business rule application 

The Solution
ICS created a scalable solution that:

  • Provided an automated and extensive database design
  • Reduced a several day process down to a few hours
  • Provided capability to easily customize several hundred reports

The Results

  • A custom designed software solution that successfully duplicated the client’s reports into a programmable environment
  • ICS will continue to work with this client to further streamline their processes and enable them to offer more services to their end-customers