ICS Pinpoints Geo Targets, Increases Sales for National Retail Chain

ICS Product/Service Areas: Marketing Technologies, Advanced Analytics

The Challenge

ICS already had developed a Marketing Data Warehouse for this national retail chain to help them better manage their sales leads and know more about the customers who walked into their 100+ stores.

Building off of this success, ICS initiated a test to determine the most productive prospecting targets based on zip code and carrier route analysis. ICS wanted to pinpoint geographic areas that yielded the most sales after receiving a direct marketing offer. With this new insight, ICS and the client could more strategically target future direct marketing efforts for greater ROI and sales

The Solution

Prospect records were already purchased on a monthly basis based on demographic and geographic profiles. ICS conducted a zip code analysis on this data based on a 25 mile radius per store and then analyzed sales volumes per carrier route. With the results of ICS’s advanced analytical findings, the team was able to map a market penetration index (see graphic).

The client can now quickly see:

  • All areas that received a direct marketing communication/offer
  • Areas that yielded the most and least sales, including a gradient in between
  • The most productive areas that have been overlooked and can now be targeted for future direct marketing efforts
  • Where they can redirect their marketing dollars away from the least productive areas and into the most productive areas, garnering more sales and ROI

The Results

The clients are pleased with the analysis and will continue to use this tool as a foundational piece of local store marketing.