Insurance Mobile Home Database

ICS Product/Service Area:  Data Hygiene, MarketSmart Technology Foremost Insurance Group
The Challenge
For years Foremost has been purchasing mobile home registration data from various states around the country. After a few years of buying this data they started to accumulate a large repository of mobile owners, but they were all on separate data files. In 1996 Foremost planned to introduce a Mobile Home Value Club but needed a consolidated mobile home database to manage the club.
The Solution
Foremost sent to ICS all of the mobile home registration data they had purchased over the years, over 150 data files containing 42,000,000+ records, along with their files of current quoting activity. ICS already maintains a 1,000,000+ policyholder database.
ICS processed the data to create the following:
  • Consolidated a database of 7,000,000+ records.
  • A unique database ID for every record.
  • Attribute indicators for club member status, age, value and size of the mobile home.
  • Identification of which prospects were converted to customers.
  • Tracking system to indicate how many and which direct mail pieces had been sent.
  • Identify which prospects were in high insurance risk areas.
  • Targeted selections for direct mail programs.
  • Provide a method for evaluating performance of a direct mail program.