Kia Motors’ Borrego Luxury SUV Product Launch

The Challenge
Kia Motor’s west coast marketing agency, Meredith, needed a unique system to support the Borrego Luxury SUV product launch. Meredith needed a system that could create a personalized and downloadable $750 purchase incentive certificate for qualified individuals who received an email promotion. The system also needed to be fast, economical and able to track these non-transferrable certificates as one per household.
The Solution
Based on ICS’s MarketSmart Technology Platform, ICS developed a Web portal and database that allowed Kia’s invitees to download a certificate with a unique identifying number. The invitee could download the certificate for a one-time-only use. ICS tagged the invitee’s name with the ID number in the database as well.
Through ICS’s Web-based portal, dealers could search by invitee name or unique ID number to validate both the name and ID number. (Note: The business rules stated that if the certificate was not validated, then Kia would not compensate the dealer for the $750 incentive.) The dealers also used the portal to indicate that the purchase incentive certificate was used and to provide information critical to fulfilling the $750 checks paid directly to the dealership.
ICS’s system also ensured that Kia’s targeted consumers received the purchase incentive and protected Kia against the potential for dealers to pocket the incentives or forward the certificate to unqualified consumers.
The Results
ICS helped define the entire process, executed a strategic campaign and ensured the certificates could be validated, tracked and checks fulfilled – all in an impressive four-week time frame.
Prior to this program development and launch, ICS provided Kia/Meredith with strategic list recommendations, list acquisitions, email deployment and list vendor management.