MSU Labor Registration Web Portal Case Study

MSU Event Registration ICS Product/Service Area: MarketSmartSM Registration Portal

The Challenge
Michigan State University’s School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SLIR) needed a secure, cost-effective online tool to manage registrations for various seminars and events. The tool also needed to seamlessly interface with SLIR’s existing online shopping cart and banking elements.

The Solution
ICS used its MarketSmartSM technology platform to create a SLIR Registration Portal which streamlined administration and management of many ongoing SLIR seminars, conferences, workshops and special events.

MarketSmartSM is comprised of secure, Web-based portal solutions built for common marketing functions – including program registrations. The system is based on a reusable, object-oriented approach wherein ICS can simply tailor the client interface according to each client’s needs

The Results MSU Event Registration
A fast, cost-effective, custom and secure SLIR Registration Portal. ICS’s solution also provided:
  • A common and centralized registration tool for all seminars and events
  • Real-time activity reporting
  • Integration into MSU’s existing shopping cart / banking infrastructure
  • Follow-up, email communications (immediately after registration and leading up to the
    registered seminars):
    • Email communications customized to the specific enrolled program
    • Email communications timed prior to each specific event date
  • Secure administrative access to set-up / update training promotions and registration