Medical Professional Perfomance Systems – Web-based Peer Assessments

ICS Product/Service Areas: Analytics, Digital Services, Email Marketing

The Challenge
Medical Professional Performance Systems (MPPS) wanted to create a unique Web-based tool to help hospitals provide accurate and effective evaluation and development of resident physicians. The multi-rater process provides a valid and reliable assessment of residents according to professional competencies (the medical profession’s dual accreditation gold standard: ACGME/AOA). The tool also gives Program Directors tailored intervention plans to help improve resident performance based on assessment results.

The Solution
ICS worked closely with the client to establish requirements. Based on the requirements, the ICS team: Medical Professional Performance Systems
  • Designed the repository that tracks peer and self-assessments for each resident.
  • Created a work-flow to assist hospital education administrators in setting-up and conducting assessments.
  • Created the Web site for a rater to enter assessments, and to keep track of assessments already completed.
  • Implemented an email reminder system to ensure that raters complete assessments for residents in a timely manner.
  • Programmed the reporting with instructional assistance tailored to performance.
    • Essentially, this function is a custom-designed textbook for an individual improvement plan.
    • The client wrote the textbook and provided the graphic design.
    • Various performance levels (below average, average, above average) are available for each dimension and scale. ICS programmed the variations into a custom-tailored pdf for each resident