Michigan Restaurant Association ICS Case Study

The Challenge
The Michigan Restaurant Association (MRA) needed ICS’s help with a registration system for an annual conference event. The previous provider of the registration system was expensive and did not provide a framework that MRA could “reuse” year-after-year. This dated approach added even more cost to the event registration— in that the already expensive tool had to be re-invented every year.
The Solution
ICS leveraged its MarketSmart Enrollment Portal: a cost-effective, flexible and re-usable Web-based tool. With our MarketSmart’s object-oriented design approach, ICS built a customized registration tool for MRA in a cost- and time-efficient manner.
The customized registration portal not only handled registration for the annual conference, but also processed payments, enabled customized reports and allowed the MRA to collect data on exhibitors, members and guests for future marketing communication efforts.
The Results
  • Significant cost-savings: Both in the current enrollment portal development and in the future re-use and updating of the tool. If fact, the MRA can expect to save 33% in start-up costs for year two and beyond.
  • Client customization and control: ICS tailored the portal and fields according to MRA’s specific needs.
  • Successful, seamless conference enrollment and payment processing: ICS’s MarketSmart Enrollment Portal successfully managed enrollment and payment processing for approximately 25,000 exhibitors, members and guests.
  • MRA also accessed customized, up-to-date reporting via the registration portal.