Military Chaplain Recruitment

ICS Product/Service Area:  Data Hygiene, List Strategy


The Challenge

A division of the military has a lot of need to track qualified Chaplains.  They need Chaplains of certain age criteria and of certain denominations.  However, very few list sources are available in the industry with the combination of age and denomination.  This has resulted in marketing efforts that were not as targeted as desired, with an extremely high cost per qualified lead.


The Solution

ICS was able to utilize its advanced knowledge of the list industry combined with its technology resources to create hybrid database approach.  A multi-source approach was taken, with the ability to evaluate each list sources performance against historic cost per qualified lead performance. 


Certain lists required that we append age or denomination to the base record.  In these cases, deep net name arrangements were made with the list source.  All lists went through our advanced standardization, cleansing and dedupe processes to ensure that only the highest data quality was received.


The  Results

ICS was able to dramatically lower cost per qualified lead while also lowering overall program costs:

§         Cost per qualified lead was reduced by 75% … saving over $646 per qualified list just on the list costs alone.

§         Overall mailing quantities were reduced by 61%, while boosting qualified responses by over 350%.

§         Better performing list segments were identified to provide further lift for initiatives moving forward.