National Franchise Clients Boosts Conversion Rates with ICS’s Email Marketing Automation

ICS Product/Service Areas:Email Marketing, Data Hygiene/Data Management, ICS Marketing Technologies, Project Management

Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Solutions:

  • Target Smarter
  • Boost Conversion Rates/Sales
  • Integrate Communications Across Channels
  • Measure Bottom Line Impact

The Challenge

Many businesses grapple with what is the best way to automate email communications with prospects and customers. Everyone wants a perfect solution without breaking the bank. For some, the “shrink wrapped” auto email products are a good fit. But for most, finding exactly the right product for all of a business’s specific email needs (and budget) can be a major hurdle.

The Solution

ICS started by mapping the client’s entire lead management and customer communications processes – most originating from the client’s call center.

Then, we created a multi-touch lead nurturing and customer communication process flow. Our new process also incorporated daily automated batch feeds from the client’s current CRM platform. (Note: This program may evolve into a second feed of hourly or even real-time data feeds)

This complex program automatically triggers one of six email campaigns depending on the type of customer communication and the customer’s actions – or even inactions. We can even track and move communications among all four campaigns based on the changing “conversation” with each prospect and customer.

  • Campaign #1: Initial Lead Nurturing
  • Campaign #2: Preparation for Assessment
  • Campaign #3: Estimate Appointment Completed, Pending Sale
  • Campaign #4: After Sale Survey
  • Campaign #5: Product Up-sell
  • Campaign #6: Continued Nurturing to Dated Prospects

Finally, we close the loop by tracking and reporting in real-time the program’s impact on conversion rates and sales.

The Results

Even though we recently launched the program, we are already seeing impressive conversion rates. By partnering with ICS, our client took advantage of combining a powerful email tool with the trusted support of an experienced team for their more advanced needs.

Our client is pleased with the results and is in talks with ICS to create a customer satisfaction web-based survey and incorporate this survey information/data into daily marketing automation feeds.