National Retail Chain - Marketing Data Warehouse

ICS Product/Service Area: ICS Marketing Technologies, List Strategy, Analytics

The Challenge

A national retail chain needed help in managing their sales lead and customer data for their 100+ corporate stores. From a marketing analytics perspective, very little was known about the leads and customers who walked through the retailer’s door. Additionally, very little was known about how effective their marketing efforts were in converting leads into sales and generating repeat business from existing customers.

The Solution

ICS leveraged our Marketing Data Warehouse Platform to create a centralized platform for all lead and customer data. Data features of the Marketing Data Warehouse include:

  • Client data is updated daily. This includes customer and product detail.
  • Historic customer and lead data is maintained within the warehouse as well.
  • Customer and lead data is enhanced with core demographic and psychographic elements through our in-house ICS Consumer Masterfile.

Each week, Lead Conversion reports provide insight regarding where sales are generated – such as:

  • What percentage of leads is converted to sales?
  • What percentage of weekly sales is coming from current customers?
  • How quickly does the average lead purchase?

To provide even greater understanding of the customer makeup, ICS completed a National Profile evaluating core demographic and psychographic elements. This provided a much clearer understanding of the customer base which improves the client’s targeted marketing and creative strategies.

Other features of the Marketing Data Warehouse include:

  • Marketing initiatives will be tracked and regular Sales matches completed to validate and optimize marketing Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Reporting and Data query tools are accessed through a secure, online web portal for the Client and Agency Team.
  • Additional analytics tools will be used to model and target prospects even more effectively.

The Results

ICS was able to create actionable results quickly for the client through our extensive experience in building cost-effective Marketing Data Warehouse and analytic tools.