Obtaining Grant Funding with Supporting Survey Data

ICS Product/Service Area: Analytics, Survey Services, Data Capture and Fulfillment

The Challenge

This college was faced with implementing a program supported via grant funding. The program involved gathering data within public schools and their surrounding communities to better understand a particular social issue. The data collection and data tabulation needs of the project were complex.

The Solution

ICS's solution combined our analytic and scanning data capture abilities in a single solution. ICS worked with the client to create a survey instrument that would effectively gather needed data. (This involved several variations of a multi-page survey). Surveys were to be produced and mailed from ICS, as well as returned to ICS for data capture.

ICS's Cardiff data capture software and Bell & Howell scanning equipment were used to gather data from the surveys. Our research and technology leader, Barry Carr, was then able to tabulate data in the required format for our client to perform the assessment.

The Results

The survey instrument was considered an effective approach to perform the social issue assessment.