Real Estate Prospecting System

ICS Product/Service Area:  MarketSmart Technology


The Objective

Tracking real estate leads and coordinating information for people relocating across the country can be an enormous task for any company. 

§         Creating a vehicle that handles this information for hundreds of customers, recruiters and agents across the United States with custom software and relational databases designed and created at Innovative Computer Services.


The Solution

Profile Referral Systems Application (PRS):  The Profile Referral Systems application provides office automation, and helps to create a productive environment for Profile Referral.

Some of the key functionality of the system includes: 

§         Complete add and edit capability of new customers, recruiters, and real estate agents information.

§         Link customer and agent information giving the most information at the users finger tips.

§         Hot-sync technology that will allow the user to jump back and forth from customer, recruiters, and agent  information.

§         Search customer, recruiters, and agent information by first name, last name, city, state, and other specific items.

§         Specific reports capability with all information contained in the database.

§         Complete multi-user application environment with user specific security options.

§         Find/list customers of an agent, with a click of a mouse.