Universities Enhance Targeted Recruitment With Scholarship Data Sources

ICS Product Service Area: List Strategy, Data Enhancement, Email Marketing

The Challenge

Two different clients (one at a university and one at a college) needed to increase student enrollments, promote specific academic programs and increase open house participation.

These education marketers needed more data-driven insight (compared to what is available through ACT and NRCCUA data) to better target high school juniors and seniors and college transfer students with the highest propensity to enroll at their university/college.  They also wanted data that was collected closer to graduation while giving more profiling information to better showcase university/college offerings according to the recruits’ interests.

The Solution

ICS's list strategy approach used student data from scholarship data sources (such as scholarships.com) that provides:

  • Excellent email coverage
  • Data collected closer to high school graduation (compared to ACT data that is collected during high school sophomore or junior years)
  • Highly detailed demographic profiles based on the most recent, volunteered information available, covering:
    • Junior and senior high school students, young adult transfer students, adults returning to college and graduate students
    • The most recent opt-in email and postal information
    • Deeper demographic profile information on the student and his/her household
      • Career aspirations, intended field of study, program interests, ACT score, SAT score, GED, class ranking
      • Abilities in arts, music, theatre and athletics
      • Organization involvement such as academic honors programs or student organizations (e.g., Junior Achievement, Quill and Scroll, Society of Automotive Engineers, etc.)
      • Household Information (e.g., household income, military veteran affiliation, parent/student occupation)

The Results

If approached strategically, integrated multi-channel communications (email and postal) can improve response up to 400% and 2 - 3 times better ROI according to the Direct Marketing Association.  Contact ICS and learn how to get more from your student recruitment efforts.