University Improves Student Prospecting with Analytics

ICS Product/Service Area: Analytics, Advanced Segmentation & Cluster Analytics

The Challenge

This university needed to increase the performance for new student prospecting. Prospect targets were generally targeted, but not specifically targeted to specific needs at a "student major level." Each semester it was the same thing... and performance was stagnating.

The Solution

ICS recommended analyzing the current student population to better understand the demographic makeup of students and what geographic areas were most productive from a recruitment standpoint.

By performing a profile and cluster analysis, ICS was able to identify attributes of the most productive prospects. We were able to take this learning down to the "student major level," identifying best prospect attributes for student major areas in particular need.

The Results

Results were suprising. New student clusters were identified that were not known to marketing leadership of the university. ICS was also able to increase awareness of the differences of "best targets" by student major. Student enrollment increased during the semester recruitment effort.