Utility Data Warehouse Data Management Case Study

ICS Product/Service Area: MarketSmartSM, List Strategy, Analytics

The Challenge
  • Assist two major utility clients in developing a marketing data warehouse for their consumer marketing needs
  • Combine multiple data sources into the best source for prospecting
  • Identify best prospects for a true multi-channel marketing approach
The Solution
  • ICS leveraged customer data files and our in-house National Consumer Masterfile to create separate marketing data warehouses for these two clients
  • Each warehouse leveraged a combination of different data sources – specific to the client
  • Data was enhanced with demographics, email and premium phone source data
  • Ongoing updates provided clients with the freshest possible data across outbound, email and direct mail channels
  • Advanced analytics were utilized to identify best prospects based on recent sales and general profiles of the customer base
  • Do not call and do not solicit requests are managed as a part of the warehouse
  • Outbound phone disposition data feedback is integrated into the warehouse
  • The outbound phone disposition data feedback drives repeat call cycles and prospecting record updates where appropriate
The Results Utility Data Warehouse Data Management Case Study
  • The Data Warehouse metrics validated that the multi-sourced data approach provided the freshest and most productive data (based on a year long evaluation of sales results)
  • Quickly evaluated customer sales – helping the clients gain a better understanding of their best customers. Actual results were different than client expectations.
  • Ongoing reporting provided the clients with a clear picture of sales growth areas and the disposition of the data warehouse
  • The update processes have been critical for:
    • Regularly providing updated data to support the multichannel marketing effort
    • Ensuring that customers and “do not solicit” requests are managed effectively
    • Providing client insight into the overall marketing activities and data status