ACN CRM System

ICS Product/Service Area:  MarketSmart Technology, Production
The Challenge
ACN is the ultimate in print-on-demand content management. The challenge for this Telecom provider is that their products, pricing, features and legal disclaimers vary by state. They also have multiple products and communications in every state.
The Solution and Results
Given the structure and complexity of this client, ICS created a table-driven approach to simplify this complex content management situation. With several hundred letter variations, this approach has been able to simplify the content management administration.
Our system allows for global changes as well as the capability to access the latest letter master copy by product or state.
Service Level:
  • Daily Distribution across US and Canada
Program Facts:
  • Average number of monthly statements printed and mailed : 50,000
  • Total number of versions of communications: Over 400
  • ICS’s MarketSmart CRM Portal supports the program, providing real time access to all content, data and inventory
ACN CRM System
Data Complexities:
  • Complete print-on-demand with over 400 content versions that integrate a table driven rate / feature matrix
  • Multiple feeds to and from ACN on a daily basis