American Crew Sales Incentive Program Case Study

ICS Product/Service Area: MarketSmart, Digital Services, Production/Fulfillment, Data Management

The Challenge
American Crew requested ICS to create a multi-level, tiered incentive program to increase product sales. Each level in the incentive program required its own unique set of targets, incentives and redemption process. The program targeted increase sales among these three target groups:
  • Hair salons, barber shops
  • District Sales Consultants (DSCs)
  • Sales Managers and Program Ambassadors
American Crew Sales Incentive Program The Solution
ICS’s solution for this complex incentive program included four primary components.
  1. Incentive program Web site development and management – Created a Web site consistent with American Crew branding. The Web site featured a secure registration portal and process.
  2. Secure registration portal and process – The portal: ICS used its MarketSmart technology platform to quickly and cost-effectively create a portal to streamline participant registrations. MarketSmart is comprised of secure, Web-based portal solutions built for common marketing functions – such as incentive program registrations. The system is based on a reusable, object-oriented approach wherein ICS can simply tailor the client interface according to each client’s needs.

    The process: ICS’s registration process enabled participants to create an account and automatically sent email/text messages with an assigned user name and password. The registration process also triggered personalized communications.
  3. Production and fulfillment – ICS handled all incentive program member communications and member card printing and issuance (4,000-plus to date)
  4. Data collection and management – We securely mange all participant profile information, sales and points tracking and point redemption for awards. In addition, ICS’s solution provides real-time data back-up and on-the-fly, custom sales/program reporting. This reporting function enables American Crew’s Corporate Management to quickly view the sales data in terms most meaningful to them (e.g., sales per incentive group, product and/or geographical region).
The Results
For program participants, ICS created an easy-to-navigate Web site where they can learn program rules, track their earned points/credits and redeem credits for various prizes or promotional items.

For program administrators, ICS developed a simple management interface to enter and track sales and push special promotions on a monthly or quarterly basis.

American Crew incentive program is successful both in terms of number of registered participants and increased sales among targeted groups.

American Crew Sales Incentive Program