Amica Insurance Lead Communication TDM


Amica Mutual Insurance Company


ICS Product/Service Areas: Production Services

The Challenge:


Amica Mutual Insurance Company needed to reach out to consumers currently shopping for a new car or home.  These consumers are interested in auto loans, mortgages and refinancing, and represent high-quality prospects for Amica.  Since these prospects are currently in the market, Amica needed a quick, effective way to communicate with them.




The Solution:


Using our technology expertise and production capabilities, ICS developed an automated process to address Amica’s needs:

  • Leads are collected and sent to ICS in a daily data feed
  • Records are cleansed and postal sorted according to USPS standards
  • Personalized letters are printed
  • Letters are mailed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; more often when lead volumes are high


The Results:


ICS was successfully able to facilitate lead communication quickly and effectively.  The initial one-month program performed well above expectations and was extended to six months.