Auto-Owners Insurance Prospecting

ICS Product/Service Area:  Analytics, Production
The Challenge
Auto-Owners reduced its rates and expressed an interest in attracting new affluent mature customers. The biggest challenge Auto-Owners faced was getting a significant percentage of its agencies (who represent six to ten other insurance companies) to proactively seek new 50 and older customers.
The Northwest Group in partnership with ICS was awarded a contract by Auto-Owners to develop a direct marketing campaign that its insurance agents could use to attract new 50 and older customers.
The Solution
  • A Direct Marketing Program for Auto-Owners Independent Agencies
  • ICS performed a market analysis to determine the number of demographically qualified prospects present in every zip code within a 25-mile radius of each agency.
  • Working with Auto-Owners field marketing staff and MIS department, ICS built an Auto-Owners Insurance agency database
  • ICS designed and developed a system and special software for handling and processing agency orders. (This made it possible for agencies to purchase exclusive rights to individual prospects.)
  • Participating Auto-Owners agencies received a set of personalized and “agentized” direct mail packages and a set of sales follow-up materials.

To promote the prospecting program to Auto-Owners agencies, The Northwest Group wrote, designed, produced, and mailed (with the assistance of ICS) a four-step direct mail campaign to Auto-Owners independent insurance agencies.
The Results
40% of Auto-Owners insurance agencies participated in the Auto-Owners Affluent Mature Program. 1400 agencies purchased a total of 700,000 prospects. ICS produced, packaged, and shipped agency orders. Participating agencies wrote twice as much new (mature) business than did nonparticipating agencies!