Chrysler Owner Events

ICS Product/Service Area:  Data Hygiene, Production
The Objective
An offer for free Pocahontas Movie tickets was sent to over 600,000 Chrysler-Plymouth mini-van owners. ICS had to assign the owners to theaters and show times, then produce personalized theater tickets with the owner’s name, dealership name, and theater name with show time.
The Solution
Using a dealer file supplied by Chrysler and a theater database supplied by Disney, ICS assigned dealerships to their closest theaters using an exclusive zip radius system. All responding owners, by dealer, were assigned to the theaters and show times based on a first come first served basis.
The Results
130,000 owners responded resulting in over 500,000 personalized tickets being laser printed and shipped to the dealerships for owner pick up. Verification notices were mailed to all owners instructing them on theater, show times, and the dealership where they could pick up their tickets. All materials were printed and delivered on time resulting in an extremely successful program.