Davita Village Health

ICS Product/Service Area:  MarketSmart Order Processing, Fulfillment and Production
The Challenge
Davita is a rapidly growing healthcare company. They are currently located in six states and have plans to expand into all 50 states. As part of their growth strategy, Davita launched an integrated marketing program for Medicare beneficiaries living with end-stage renal disease. Davita needed an efficient process to get marketing and communication tools to the Field Representatives, as well as a conduit for receiving, processing and tracking material orders from the field.
The Solution
ICS leveraged its MarketSmart technology platform to provide a Web-based order fulfillment and reporting tool. Multi-level security provides function-specific access for Field Representatives as well as Administrators. Because MarketSmart is built around common marketing functions, we were able to provide a cost- and time-effective, off-the-shelf tool with a tailored portal interface.
The Results
For starters, ICS successfully manages Davita’s marketing material inventory by assigning each piece a unique identifier number for efficient tracking. ICS also provides Davita with offset printing and variable printing services (according to state-specific materials).
For Field Representatives, the Web-based portal provides 24-hour, online access from any browser. The tool allows Davita’s Field Representatives to view the inventory by name, type and via an image library. The system stores client shipping information and allows for standard or expedited shipping methods. Orders are followed-up with confirmation emails with shipment tracking detail.
For Administrators, Davita’s MarketSmart Portal provides a complete overview of all field activity through the real-time reporting interface. The portal’s “reorder alerts” helps to trigger material reprinting before the client runs out. In addition, back order features are in place within the system.
One customized portal element is that each order placed is coded according to a department code. Monthly reports are pulled from updated internal billing processes.
Overall, the Davita Fulfillment Portal utilizes MarketSmart technology to simplify a fairly complex business process – positioning Davita for growth in this specialty health care sector.