Financial Services Client's e-Preference Centers

ICS Product/Service Areas: Digital Services, Email Marketing, MarketSmart Data Warehouse System, Production/Fulfillment

The Challenge

This national financial services client wanted an online method whereby members and prospects could select which communications they would like to receive from the company and how they would like to receive it (email or print).  For example, a member could choose to receive the monthly newsletter via email and choose to receive a printed annual report by mail.  The company also wanted to be in control of:

  • Developing email content
  • Deploying communications
  • Ensuring that all email communication data elements (bounces, opt-outs, sign-ups, etc.) were synced up to their data management systems

The Solution

ICS supported the client’s e-Preference Centers by leveraging its MarketSmart Data Warehouse System.  In addition to collecting subscriber information and preferences, the system updates the distribution lists in real-time.

The new MarketSmart Email Deployment Platform allows clients to securely access the data management system and setup their own electronic communications.  Multiple templates can be accessed within the system for building and deploying e-communications, such as e-newsletters and e-alerts.  The client can drop in text and visuals and then review, approve and test the email. 

After the completed test, the client can deploy the communication right from the system by accessing the subscriber distribution list and/or uploading special lists for targeted prospecting.    The client can also select the date and time when the email should deploy.

Lastly, the system also features real-time reporting to track open rates, click-throughs, link clicks, bounce-back rates and more. 

The Results

The client is pleased to realize their goal of an easy-to-use e-Preference Center and appreciates how this tool builds stronger relationships with their members and prospects.