ICS helps MSU reengineer its Direct Marketing Efforts

ICS Product/Service Area:  Data Hygiene, List Strategy, Production
The Challenge
MSU was experiencing a high rate of undeliverable returned mail; as high as 10% for some mailings. MSU asked ICS for recommendations regarding:
  • Increasing mailing list response rates and deliverability rates
  • Ideas for tracking and analyzing responses to develop better list selection criteria
  • Reducing postage expense

The Solution
  • A simple recommendation paid large dividends for MSU. We recommended that we purchase its mailing list every six months.
  • We recommended a re-engineering of their direct mail package.
  • We have also established a response tracking and analysis technique.

The Results
  • With six months of file maintenance work by the list compiler, additions, deletions, and changes to the business file resulted in a 50% reduction in undeliverables.
  • Use of a custom envelope now allows MSU to mail more than one seminar brochure to a prospect for the same postage with a small increase in production costs.
  • MSU can more readily determine the most responsive title categories and the most responsive types and sizes of businesses for their seminar promotions.