ICS Helps Company Launch Integrated Marketing (Email, Postal) and Conduct Sales Match

ICS Product/Service Areas: Email Marketing, Data Hygiene, List Strategy, Analytics

Spring Rive Nursuries

The Challenge

Spring River Nurseries had been collecting emails for over four years, but had not been successful in leveraging this data for ongoing marketing efforts. The company and its marketing agency sought ICS’s guidance on how to get started with putting these emails to work in growing sales.

The Solution

First, ICS conducted a data hygiene process on the 300,000 emails to determine which emails were still active.

Then, ICS issued a series of five emails based on seasonal offers and a targeted segmentation of the list.

After the campaign was complete, ICS added new contact records resulting from newly acquired sales. The team also matched the emails with postal addresses and phone numbers – where possible – for future integrated marketing efforts (email and postal).

Note: Multi-channel communications yield 2-3 times better ROI according to industry research.

ICS also created a report detailing each of the five email blasts and the corresponding number of:

  • Emails sent
  • Matched households
  • Conversion rate percentage
  • Sales dollar value
  • Total dollars purchased resulting from each email blas as well as a grand toal from the entire campaign series
  • (Total Sales Generated) - (The Campaign Costs) = Campaign ROI

The Results

ICS’s ROI analysis revealed that the campaigns generated over four-and-a-half times incremental revenue to the cost of the initiative (including fixed costs). Furthermore, Spring River Nurseries now has a viable email and postal list, laying the foundation for growing sales and relationships with targeted customers. Also, ICS metrics driven reports makes it easy to see ROI, and further refine marketing effectiveness.

As a result of this project, the client has engaged ICS to help with ongoing digital marketing efforts.