ICS Hones Advanced Targeting & Saves over $100,000 in Postage for Utility Company

ICS Product/Service Areas: Advanced Analytics, Data Segmentation, List Strategy, Fulfillment

The Challenge

A leading utility company and long-time ICS client embarked upon a large scale direct marketing program with complex database segmentation based on demographic profile targets, scoring, program qualification, etc. Adding to this complex data setup, ICS incorporated advanced targeting models and a mailing strategy to reduce postage costs while improving targeting of highly qualified prospects.

The Solution

The program included 16 different packages in 2013 to over 1.5 million households.

  • High Density Mailing -A postage discount for preparing a mailing according to USPS guidelines and density/saturation criteria (125 or more mailings per carrier route).
  • Destination Entry Discount - A postage discount for depositing mail at Sectional Center Facilities that are closer to the final destination of the mail.

In addition to the mailing strategy, ICS created advanced targeting models and kept the customer profiling targets as the top priority while also considering carrier route setup. After the first phase of data segmentation, ICS further segmented the lists according to carrier routes and number of mailings per route.

The Results

ICS saved the client over 6 cents per mail piece, totaling a savings of over $100,000 while also improving sales conversions through a highly targeted campaign.