Internet Service Provider Intelligent Billing

ICS Product/Service Area:  Production              


The Challenge

For this Internet Service Provider, ICS provides bi-monthly billing services with a 48-hour service level requirement.  This client utilizes a complex matrix of marketing messages to cross promote services within the invoices.  Marketing banners are data-driven based on the customer subscription level. 


The Solution and Results

Once again, ICS has been able to utilize its technology strengths to make this complex, print-on-demand initiative turnkey for our customer. 


Service Level:

§      48-hour service level


Program Facts:

§      Average number of monthly statements printed and mailed:  60,000

§      The statements vary from 1 to 100 pages

§      Different package configurations based on the number of invoice pages

§      Print-on-demand marketing banners pulled on the fly and specific to the customer


Data Complexities:

§      Huge (6,000 character file format)

§      Multi-page statements varies greatly

§      Print-on-demand marketing banners require use of customization libraries