Luxury Vehicle Product Launch - Strategic Email Marketing Series

ICS Product/Service Areas: Email Marketing, List Services, Analytics 

The Challenge

This automotive OEM wanted to take a unique approach to pre-launch activities leading up to a high-end luxury vehicle unveiling.  Months before the actual product launch, they wanted to structure an email series targeting current owners, hand raisers, disposers, competitive brand conquests and class move-ups.   The objective of the email communications was to generate interest for the upcoming launch as well as grow attendance at ride and drive events in targeted markets.

The Solution 

ICS developed and deployed a multi-touch* email marketing strategy.  The timing and content of the e-communications was strategically coordinated with other marketing and advertising tactics within the overall launch strategy. 

  • Early Pre-launch:  Teased the new, upcoming vehicle launch without naming or showing the vehicle and included a follow-up reminder communication
  • Launch/Product Unveil:  Prior to the launch, this email unveiled the new luxury sedan with product information
  • Launch Prospecting:  During the launch campaign, this email targeted prospects within specific geographic areas aligning with ride and drive events.  This email invited prospects to register for the event and provided additional product information. 

    *Note:  Each email also included an opt-out feature that updated the distribution list. 

ICS also supported the campaign with list services and analytical profiling.  The team pulled targeted prospects from list sources such as Cars Direct, Autobytel and  The client’s Agency of Record also provided data from major automotive compilers.  This data was analyzed according to brands, primary and secondary competitive sets, inspirational set, etc.  Also, hand raiser data was demographically profiled according to household income, propensity to purchase a luxury brand and other criteria.

Strategic prospecting also included a dealer list component.  Dealers uploaded their lists to an ICS server.  From there, ICS coded and tracked each of the dealer’s lists to ensure proper handling of the data. 

The Results

All ride and drive events achieved 100 percent capacity and two additonal events were added due to increased demand