Saturn Test Drive Incentive Fulfillment

ICS Product/Service Area:  Fulfillment
Rethink Saturn The Objective
Saturn was looking for a way to centrally manage the various active test drive campaigns on an ongoing basis across the U.S. Central management of these initiatives would provide significant savings over managing each program individually. Typically, these test drive campaigns involved fulfilling brand name gift cards to each recipient.
The Solution
  • ICS created a central processing system for all test drive activity. This involved weekly processing of all active test drives.
  • We developed an automated processing routine to validate the provided address information. Validation steps included:
    • Address completeness
    • Fraud detection measures
    • Duplication checks
  • All fulfillment is structured with a “0” tolerance error rate with extensive quality checks for the “live” gift cards
  • Client was provided a return data feed with tracking numbers for easy customer follow-up

The Results
ICS’s Test Drive processing system provides a cost effective way to centrally process all nationwide test drive activity. The data-driven approach helped efficiently process all program activity while providing intelligence to prevent potential consumer offer abuse.