Utility Billing System

ICS Product/Service Area:  MarketSmart Technology, Production


The Challenge and Solution

ICS has a multi-year relationship with a major mid-Michigan utility.  There were several areas that made this project a challenge.  First, the data had to come in a very specialized format.  Second, materials had to be received and mailed same day, and third, the client wanted to know the status of the project in our shop at any given point in time. 


The Results

Service Level:

§      Same day service … whatever we receive in the morning is mailed that evening


Program Facts:

§      Average number of monthly statements printed and mailed :  52,000


§      The statements vary from 1 to 3 pages with the average total pages printed monthly:   98,000

§      We also print and mail Credit or Collection Notices.  Monthly averages:  23,000

Data Complexities:

§      File format is a PCL print-ready file

§      Address info is extracted from the file for postal sorting and processing

§      Customer information is postal qualified then the PCL file is re-sorted for printing


ICS MarketSmart Program Portal:

ICS created a program-specific project portal for the site.   Clients are able to securely gain access to the following information:

§      Real time inventory levels with reorder alerts for materials

§      In process work status (volumes, time completed) with work history

§      Invoice dollars generated by day