Volvo B2B Prospecting System

ICS Product/Service Area:  Data Hygiene, Production
The Objective
  • To establish procedures to assign prospects based on dealers AOR and allow dealers to share the same geographic area. Prospects would be assigned to specific sales people.
  • Personalized laser letters and prospect cards produced and packaged with generic items and shipped to dealers.
  • Two mailings would occur. The first mailing would generate modifications to the prospect database. Deletes would require a replacement prospect for the second mailing.

The Solution
  • A dealer/salesperson database was constructed along with a prospect database. Prospect database allows for multiple access methods for updating. Enrollments were captured and processed through software that allowed for the sharing of zip codes.
  • An identifying number (pin) was assigned to each prospect allowing for future database updating and program control.
  • Reports were developed to assign responses for dealer follow-up. Ongoing updates are occurring as prospect information requires changing. As prospects are deleted from the database, new selections are assigned from an in-house Dun & Brad prospect file located at ICS.

The Results
Procedures have been put into place that allow dealer packages to be shipped within the 5 day requirement. All packages were shipped on time. Updating is in place and occurring as changes are received.