Get a Clear View of Your Customers
with ICS Consumer InSight

Profile Your Customers to Improve Your Targeted Marketing, Sales, Loyalty & Prospecting

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Here's How ICS Consumer InSight Works:

  1. Your customer data is matched to ICS’s In-house consumer data
  2. We detail your customers’ demographic profile against 20+ attributes, such as…
    1. Age
    2. Income
    3. Marital Status
    4. Education
    5. Presence of Children
    6. Net Worth
    7. Rural vs. Urban
    8. "Green Tendencies", etc.
  3. We index your customers’ attributes against a random sampling from your market area to better understand the predictive power of each demographic.
  4. We include a geographic analysis, measuring your market penetration within a state or zip code

ICS Consumer InSight Gives You:

  1. A detailed report
  2. An executive summary to quickly understand and apply your findings for quick ROI
  3. A 15-20 minute phone consultation to review your results

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Cost: $995
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