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Custom Web Portal Systems at Off-the-shelf Pricing

CRM Marketing Management Prospecting Enrollment/Registration Customer Satisfaction Marketing Data Warehouse Integrated Communications Customer Relationship Management System Project Management Distribution and Fulfillment Performance Improvement Lead Management Incentive Processing Campaign Management

Data–driven, Web-based platforms dramatically impact your marketing results. ICS Marketing Technologies gives you secure, Web-based portal solutions built for your common, marketing needs.

With ICS Marketing Technologies, you can…

  • Save time & money managing your marketing programs
  • Focus on business growth, not marketing implementation
  • Track programs in real-time – easily & securely from any place, at any time
  • Be more effective in your CRM, prospecting and management activities

We customize each Web interface for you, but re-use "back-end" technology. That’s how you get a custom solution at such a great price.

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Just contact us and capitalize on our experience in making complex marketing processes easier to manage.