Campaign Management System

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AAA Life Leads

Managing direct marketing campaigns just got easier and more affordable. With our Campaign Management System, corporations can simply administer direct marketing programs across their entire retail network. Plus, their retail channels can customize mail pieces, lists and messages to their local customers and prospects.

With this powerful, affordable and easy-to-use interface, you can…

  • Ensure consistent branding across your entire retail network
  • Garner cost-savings through economies of scale
  • Provide a valued support service to your retail channels
  • Select lists, content and format for better relevancy and response from local customers and prospects
    • Or, even upload your own lists from your desktop
  • Cleanse your lists in real-time
  • Instantly proof layout design and copy
  • View reports and order summaries
  • Add credit card processing and tracking measures
  • Integrate email for even greater cost-savings and ROI
  • Do all of this securely online, any place at any time

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