Incentive Processing System

This system drives down the cost, complexity and – most importantly – risk associated with purchase incentive programs.

When you’re using desirable incentives (such as gift cards, one-time use certificates, etc.) to motivate your targeted consumers, you need to protect yourself against fraud and set up a program that can be easily tracked and executed.

With the Incentive Processing System, you can…

  • Automatically administer purchase incentive programs from anywhere, at any time through a secure, online portal
  • Gather and validate prospect information, as well as track each incentive (with unique ID numbers), analyze sales match-backs and track fulfillment
  • Eliminate risks with security checks such as address completeness, fraud detection and duplication detection
  • Get a complete view of your campaign activity with real-time reporting

Here’s another success story of a $750 purchase incentive as part of a luxury vehicle launch.

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