ICS Marketing Technologies

Integrated Communications Platform (ICP)

ICS’s Integrated Communications Platform easily integrates your print and email marketing so they work together, while you reap savings and better ROI.

Did you know…

  • Email is 1/11 the cost of traditional direct mail
    That's a lot of savings in printing & postage!
  • 70% of consumers prefer email over postal communications
    From companies with whom they already have a relationship
  • Multi-channel communications yield 2 - 3 times better ROI

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With integrated communications, ICS can use several channels to reach your customers and prospects, and track their preferences for print or email communications. ICP integrates all marketing communication into a single program that maximizes the impact on consumers, increasing sales and profits, while saving you time, money and stress.

Instantly take one message and send it across email and print channels. Consumers who have not provided an email address can receive postal promotions with an exclusive offer to register their email to receive e-based communications. This allows you to gently motivate your customers from print to email and grow your email lists organically. You will reap the benefits with savings in your print and postage costs.

ICP also allows you to keep your customer email and postal data up-to-date by tracking ongoing communication, and managing opt-ins, opt-outs, bounce-backs, and return mail.

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You’ve seen what ICP can do for your customer communications and your bottom line. You can just as easily manage all of your customer data AND complex marketing activities - in one centralized repository.

Take your email relevancy, response and sales up another notch with event and behavior triggered communications. Our webinar shows you how.