Lead Management System

Sample "Trigger Points" for
Personalized Communications
  • Welcome Series
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Order Confirmation
  • Birthday Messages
  • Time to Reorder
  • Shipment Notification

You’re getting leads from more sources than ever before – social media, organic search, paid search, email, direct mail, call centers, etc.

ICS’s Lead Management System not only converts more leads into sales, but also helps you easily manage all leads within ONE system.

You can even set up automatic triggered communications based on how your prospect responded – or didn’t respond – to your previous communication.

With the Lead Management System, you can...

  • Convert more leads into sales while easily managing all leads from all sources within one system
  • Make sure your response to each prospect is relevant by:
    • Localizing and customizing communications
    • Using automated triggered communications
  • Get daily email with hot leads
    • Quickly respond to leads; never missing another opportunity
  • Track each lead, create follow-up communications and manage follow-up efforts - online any time, any place
  • Optimize your channel mix through valuable insight
    • Know more than just how many leads converted
    • Learn why some leads converted and others didn't
    • Identify which channels perform best for you
    • Evaluate open and click-through rates, sales matches by source and more

Just contact us and never miss another sales opportunity.

Plus, here are some tools to help you get started: