Marketing Data Warehouse Portal

Now there’s an easy way to manage all of your customer data and marketing activities in one centralized repository.

With the Marketing Data Warehouse Portal, you can…

  • Integrate and manage all of your customer data such as email, postal and phone
  • Enhance your data with demographics and psychographics
  • Update your data – even from multiple sources, such as sales contacts, call centers, email opt-in / opt-outs, etc.
  • Get an index score to determine your BEST prospects based on the IBM/SPSS Neural Network modeling tools
  • Manage customer contact history by time and method of contact
  • Have real-time activity reporting
  • Track your online and traditional marketing activities 24/7/365

Once your data is in one centralized system, you can easily integrate all of your printed and email communications to your customers. Improve response and sales. Reduce printing and postage costs.

See how this portal helped grow business for this company – even in a mature market with intense competition.