Performance Improvement System

Nothing beats a highly motivated and engaged team that knows exactly what’s expected of them. Our Performance Improvement System makes incentive programs, employee / peer assessments and improvement plans affordable, impactful and easy to deploy and manage.

With the Performance Improvement System, you can…

  • Manage incentive programs to meet performace and sales objectives
    • Even complex, multi-level programs with varying sales and performance targets, incentives and redemption processes
  • Incorporate participant communications for increased motivation and program promotions
  • Provide secure program registration and award redemption
  • Collect and manage data on participant profiles, sales, points tracking and points redemption
  • Enable program administrators to enter and track sales and push timely promotions
  • Assess employee and peer performance and create improvement plans and constructive feedback

Here’s how this successful incentive program grew program registrants and sales, while this peer assessment program gave more accurate evaluations and better performance improvement plans.

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