ICS In-Touch October 2009

Now that the fall season is upon us, thoughts of warm days, vacations and (if you’re like me), home projects are becoming faded memories. And while most of us enjoy the slower pace of sunny days, your marketing efforts can never have the luxury of slowing down.

In this issue of In-Touch, you'll find articles and case studies on Search Engine Marketing optimization, list maximization, digital integration, analytics and more, all with an eye toward the type of “intelligent marketing” that has made ICS a respected source.

The change of seasons also brought you a chance to attend our latest free webinar. If you were unable to be there live, be sure to click the link and listen to a media file of How Changing Communications Trends Drive Integrated Marketing ROI, right from your favorite web browser!

And to help you brush up on some hot DM topics, visit my blog, the ICS Advisor. It's a great place to go for fresh topics and frank discussion on the latest marketing issues.

As the economic environment strengthens, having a proven, multi-faceted marketing approach in place can prime your business to really take off. When you partner with ICS, you can rest assured that we have the direct marketing tools, experience and credibility you need to help you reach your business goals. So welcome back from your well deserved summer vacation ... now, let's get to work!

Kevin Harlow

 Kevin Harlow
 SVP Sales and Marketing, ICS

  News in Your Industry

Fine tuning can make a huge sales impact – While many merchants are still sending email communications, some have found impressive success with segmentation and personalization. See how ICS can help you improve your email strategy.   (Source:  targetmarketingmag.com)

Quality and quantity make up the best analytics – While gaining as much information on consumers through analytics is the name of the game when it comes to truly targeted marketing, there is a fine line between intelligence and intrusion. Click for five rules to consider when evaluating campaigns that employ behavioral intelligence.   (Source:  dmnews.com)

PODCAST – Search Engine Marketing technology, strategy and integration – Among topics such as “universal search,” the future of search and pay-per-click, this 33-minute podcast features marketing professionals who discuss SEM technology, strategy and integration. While the session is focused on the pharmaceutical industry, listeners can gain insight into the technology's use and integration.   (Source:  blogtalkradio.com)

List Appending: Start with the basics – When you're trying to decide whether appending your direct marketing lists make sense for your email marketing campaigns, step back and contemplate four simple thoughts that can help you make the right choices. Then, give your ICS Account Manager a call. We can help you with your email growth strategies.   (Source:  targetmarketingmag.com)

 News in Your Sector

CASE STUDY – Hyundai Ride and Drive hits full stride through lead-generation trifecta – The ICS Event Team was able to help Hyundai and its agency produce a successful event from start to finish for regional Hyundai Ride and Drives. With only one month of lead time until the first show, ICS helped to architect and deliver a three-prong approach of direct marketing, digital lead generation and email marketing to exceed sign-up goals and manage the in-market events smoothly.

Multichannel and digital integration approaches bring the best together – Some retailers are pinpointing their best customers with high-quality direct mail to ring up online sales.   (Source:  dmnews.com)

CASE STUDY – The best leads start with the right list – The Hartford Insurance was looking for a campaign that exclusively utilized email to target customers who were about to undergo a life-changing event such as buying a car or moving to a new area. ICS was able to help reach individuals with consistent top-performing success over the past several years. See your Account Manager for more details on ICS AutoNetSM, an industry leader representing the top prospecting sources for the Automotive (and Auto-related) industries.

Cash For Clunkers aftermath - good news for 2010 new vehicle sales – R.L. Polk revealed some positive news for upcoming new vehicle sales, post Cash For Clunkers. Their assessment is that things are looking up for the industry, and the government’s CARS program will have negligible impact on 2010 sales. ICS helped clients reach likely Cash For Clunkers customers through targeted list management and specific refined data.   (Source:  autoremarketing.com)

CASE STUDY – DTE Energy targets new prospects through digital lead generation – DTE Energy, a major Michigan energy provider, wanted to target customers to promote their Home Protection Plus and Appliance Repair programs. ICS and our strategic partner Netvantage Marketing, was able to step in and assist with low-cost, quick-turn results utilizing search engine marketing, web analytics and ongoing keyword refinement. Read more about it and how lead generation helped spark qualified leads.

  News at ICS

Check out the latest ICS webinar! – How Changing Communications Trends Drive Integrated Marketing ROI revealed the very latest marketing trends and techniques. Click the link above to listen to this informative webinar through your web browser.

CASE STUDY – Lansing Community College goes digital to build student base – With interest in job retraining on the rise, Lansing Community College was seeking to increase awareness and interest in their online Criminal Justice and Information Technology programs. Targeting counties without a community college presence, ICS and its partner Netvantage Marketing was able to generate significant interest utilizing paid search and extensive Web analytics.

ICS Advisor – Greatest Hits Pulled From the Web! – No, I'm not describing a funkadelic album cover from the ‘70s by the Spyders (although strangely, I can picture something like that right now), but instead, some of the best articles and entries from the ICS Advisor, my blog. Below are two topics that might just strike a chord with your current efforts. Look for more ICS Advisor greatest “hits” in every future issue of In-Touch!