ICS In-Touch February 2010

Welcome 2010! Many businesses were happy to say goodbye to 2009 and welcome a fresh start with new opportunities.

To make sure you don’t miss-out on any opportunities and that you take advantage of new marketing trends, this InTouch gives you helpful tips that lead to sales growth, better marketing ROI, improved sales lead quality and cost and time reductions in your program management.

Specifically, we cover the latest in Triggered Communications, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing and Analytics -- and what all of this means to you and your business. We also walk you through case studies on how other clients are using these marketing tools to grow their businesses even in the most competitive fields.

As we say goodbye to 2009, remember that every challenging environment spurs innovation and undreamt possibilities. In fact, 2009’s turbulent mergers, buyouts and bankruptcies have segued into new, surprising opportunities for some of you.

To schedule a brainstorming meeting on your 2010 plans or to see what’s new with us, give your account manager a call.

Here’s to a new year, a fresh start and a profitable 2010!

Happy New Year,
Kevin Harlow

 Kevin Harlow
 SVP Sales and Marketing, ICS

 News in Your Industry

Email Marketing & Triggered Communications – Using customers' behavior and events to automatically trigger tailored communications was a big theme at the recent DMA conference and promises to be a growing trend in email marketing. Here's a helpful article on the basics.   (Source:  ChiefMarketer)

  • Stay tuned for ICS's upcoming Webinar on Triggered Communications and Listrak's new tool: "Conductor." Click here to see a video on Conductor as a teaser for our upcoming webinar.

Top 10 Tips for Online Marketing Success – We love the tips on cost-conscious Paid Search programs, analytics, lead generation and most of all the recommendation to: "Do more with less. Make existing marketing programs better and get rid of those we cannot measure." Click here for the article.   (Source:  MarketingProfs.com)

CASE STUDY: Event Registration Portal – Michigan State University's School of Labor and Industrial Relations needed a secure, cost-effective online registration tool for events. The tool also had to interface with an existing online shopping cart setup. Click here to learn how MarketSmart's "off-the-shelf" approach and customized interface met their needs while saving time and money.

10 Email Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners – This simple intro to email marketing gives tips on what to look for in an email marketing vendor and how to grow your email lists organically. Click here for the article.   (Source:  MarketingProfs.com)

Metrics "2010-Style" Direct Marketing and Online Marketing Analytics – Here's a great article on the evolution of analytics from traditional direct marketing programs to online programs, plus helpful tips. "You simply cannot manage it unless you measure it." Click here for the article.   (Source:  Target Marketing Magazine)

 News in Your Sector

CASE STUDY: Utility Sector Data Warehouses – Learn How ICS's MarketSmartSM Data Warehouse products helped two major utilities. By combining our technology resources with our in-house ICS Consumer Masterfile, you get a powerful resource that drives ongoing, multi-channel marketing efforts. Read more.

CASE STUDY: B2B Sales Incentive Program – ICS created a tiered incentive program for American Crew, a men's hair care product line. Click here to learn how to use a registration Web site and portal, fulfillment and data management to grow participant registrations and sales.

 News at ICS

ICS and Netvantage Marketing Form Joint Venture – Just last year, we announce our NM partnership to expand our digital services and help our clients improve their online lead generation and search engine rankings via Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search (PPC) and other services. Our partnership has been so successful for our clients that we have now strengthened our NM relationship with a formal joint venture. Stay tuned for updated service information on our Web site.

ICS Announces Staff Promotions – Andrea Hodge was promoted to List Department Manager and is responsible for all List Strategy and List Order Processing. Jason Wymer was promoted to Technical Resource Manager and is responsible for the quality and delivery of ICS's technical services such as Web Development, Email Marketing deployment, Database Management and ICS internal technical support. Congratulations to Andrea and Jason!

Hot Blog, Hot 2010 Trends – Visit my blog to see which four hot marketing trends are only getting hotter in 2010!